Ralph "RR" Rollin Unglo is the president and founder of R n R Fitness & Self-Defense.  He was born and raised in Pittsburgh and is from Fox Chapel. Mr. Unglo has an extensive background in weight lifting, fitness conditioning, and martial arts.  He is world traveled and has proven his methods time and time again.  He has always made it his first priority to understand each individuals personal situation and capabilities.  Understanding the path to a better mind, body, and spirit can sometimes be discouraging, in his own words "Never give up hope, for it will be the light in the darkest of situations."  Having said this no matter what you have tried in the past to achieve your goals let R n R Fitness & Self-Defense make them happen.  


Self-Defense Fitness Trainer
-Kickboxing Institute-
Cardio-Kickboxing Instructor
-American Fitness Professional Association-
Personal Trainer
Trained in the mixed martial arts "MMA" 
Eskrima - Arnis
Tang Soo Do
Close quarters combat
Has won many martial arts tournaments & competitions
CPR & First Aid

Proud to serve the
US Coast Guard AUX and Department Of Homeland Security
R n R Fitness & Self-Defense is a one on one business that can work around your schedule and busy lifestyle.  We like to get to know you and your specific goals.  Whether you just want to lose a few pounds, get in better shape, or push it to the extreme, we can do it all.


                                      Rockin your body!

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